The Avid Reader on Broadway Is Sacramento's largest independent seller of  new books

For over three decades we have been committed to providing you a locally owned, full service, neighborhood bookstore.

We offer a strong and thoughtfully curated selection of the latest hardbacks, new paperbacks, and a wide variety of children's books.

We carry a large selection of newspapers and over 150 magazines, from the Economist and New Yorker to Vogue, Runner's World, Scientific American, Bon Appetit, Strategy and Tactics, Ranger Rick, and many, many more.

Our card section is likewise among the best in the city.  And our educational and traditional toy section provides science art kits, music boxes, magic sets, wooden toys, and games.

(Oh, and did we mention we offer complimentary gift wrapping?)

Our friendly staff consists of Don, a veteran of the store since its inception; Harrison, a former literature student; Bino, the lead singer for a punk rock band; and Jennifer, our resident Methodist minister.